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When there are so many events and activities in Portland, Oregon, Sherwood is always a popular place to visit. It is no secret that it is one of the most scenic places in the state of Oregon, and there is a reason why it has made it a destination for many people.

Whether you are hiking, biking or just picnicking, you will see a lot of animals around you. As the trails are well signposted, it is a safe place to explore Oregon in the wild without fear of getting lost in the wilderness.

The Tualatin Hills Natural Park is one of the most popular and this beautiful 80 hectare property has had its fair share of visitors. On the top of the mountain there is an elevated observation deck from which guests can get a clear picture of their surroundings.

Trips to the tree farm can also be excused for visiting the Tualatin Hills Nature Park, Oregon State Forest and other scenic areas of the park.

Magness Memorial Tree Farm is located at 91909 River Rd., Sherwood, Oregon, south of Tualatin Hills Nature Park. The farm is open every weekend in October from 10 am to 5 pm. M. and is also open on weekends in September and October. To get there and learn more about the farm and its activities, visit its Facebook page and Twitter page.

Whether you're in Sherwood, Tualatin or Tigard, OR, it's easy and convenient to behave as an easier, more convenient get-a-way.

The location also makes it easy for professionals to commute to work in Portland and return to the quiet Sherwood community. There are many opportunities for everyone who works in or near Portland, whether for work or just for fun. If you drive up Interstate 5 to Oregon Wine Country, you'll find Magness Memorial Tree Farm, located in Sherwood between Newberg and Wilsonville, a great place to get a taste of Oregon's forests without having to climb Mt. Hood. When you walk around the farm, you can see how long it takes Oregon pines to grow and ripen.

If you live in the nearest town east of Sherwood, you can go berry picking in the summer, visit the farm stalls, watch the lake forming in the fall, and dry for a few days before going back to work. If you live in or near Portland, or if you do not live near the city of Portland, but near a city in the east, such as Wilsonville.

In addition to plenty of wineries, adult beverage connoisseurs can also plan an entertaining day trip to pamper themselves at the many local breweries in the region. Visit the Vertigo Brewery and Taproom to sample a selection of Oregon microbrews, or visit Cornelius Pass Roadhouse and Imbrie Hall, an authentic homestead that also houses a brewery and distillery. Head to the Tack Room, where you'll find a bar, pool, darts and NFL games.

Celebrations include a beer, wine, cider and a garden with a selection of local wineries and breweries, as well as a vintage car show with over 500 special and collector cars. Visit the historic Champoeg farm, home to the world's largest collection of vintage cars, and discover the pioneering life of ChampOeg. Smith's Rock Ranch also offers a variety of outdoor activities such as horseback riding, horseback riding and horse shows. Other Sherwood events include the American Horse Show, a three-day horse festival in July, and the annual American Equestrian Festival, which features beer gardens, vineyards and apple orchards at a selection of local wineries and breweries.

Take advantage of the history and culture Sherwood brings to the club with this comprehensive list. Show us where the data shows you are best suited to be part of one of Oregon's most vibrant, diverse and dynamic communities.

Sherwood keeps the core collection of shops on the map for antique hunters, but with more than 20 dealers and treasures on display, it is versatile. Visitors will find everything from antique clothing and vintage clothing to craft beer and local breweries. This Tualatin, Sherwood store will go down in history as one of the best emerging stores in Oregon, with an eclectic selection of antiques, jewelry, furniture and more.

The streets of Old Town Sherwood are full of shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and a variety of outdoor activities. Veteran's Park is the perfect destination for boat cruises and a great place for a day trip to the local breweries and breweries.

The Wes Commuter Train stops at Tualatin and Tigard, which is really close to where you live in Sherwood, and the Max Light Rail will be coming to Tigards to start work in 2020. Champoeg State Park is just a short drive south of town and is quite easy for a Sherwoods camper to find. The main entrance to the park is located at the corner of East Main Street and West Main Avenue, and is also on the east side of the park. This is an excellent place to bring your travel trailer to Sherwood, OR.

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More About Sherwood