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Fall Colors and join us on an autumn drive to celebrate harvest time at Oregon State Fairgrounds in Salem, Oregon, on Saturday, October 22, from 10: 30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

On Saturday, October 22, there will be live music from 10.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Elizabeth Chambers Keller, where the local band will perform. The event rooms at the Salem State Fair site, west of Salem, Oregon, can accommodate 40, 30 and 75 guests. For a larger group, the outdoor seating in front of the fairground and the indoor parking spaces can accommodate up to 200 people.

The Inn at 5th and Eugene can accommodate up to 80 event guests in Room 69, and those who are more Ducks fans can take advantage of outdoor seating and parking at the neighboring hotel. For a larger group, it is worth considering booking a hotel room at the Salem State Fair grounds west of Salem, Oregon. The property also has a large outdoor parking with 1,000 parking spaces and a garage. If you are a Ducks fan, the event space at the Eugene Convention Center east of Eugene can accommodate a group of 1 - 400 people and can accommodate a maximum of 500 people with a private parking space.

The ballroom seats 320 and has a covered veranda, and the winery can accommodate up to 1,000 people, with a private parking space in the underground garage after work.

When you register, select the "Team" option and join the team or form a team by registering and paying for your ticket. The most important thing is that you decide that we will start together and we will see you at the event as soon as we hear about it. You can inform participants by sharing them on Facebook, adding them to your MRG profile or entering your email.

The team will be assembled for a hearty harvest meal prepared by R & R Culinaire and paired with Bjornson wine. The café also serves savoury dishes, including a selection of local and regional wines, as well as cheeses and pastries from local restaurants.

A smart option is to rent the Historical Carousel at the Albany Museum, which can be rented in its entirety. Guests can gather under the wings of historic aircraft and connect with space artifacts.

The princesses are encouraged to travel with their entourage, while husbands, children and cheering troops are welcome. We have a village where you can cheer at the start, celebrate near the finish line and be cheered on by your team or be convinced to spend a day in the mud with us.

The building is new, but the spirit of our community will make you feel like it has always been your home. Our new community is the perfect setting for your retirement and every day a five star pleasure. We encourage our residents to use every day of retirement, and we hope you will do the same.

With a wide range of care services, Ackerly Sherwood is well equipped to meet your needs in retirement. Our experienced and well trained staff is compassionate and respectful and works to empower and encourage residents to have fun creating a five star service for seniors. Residents can take advantage of everything our community has to offer by meeting the home maintenance needs, preparing delicious and nutritious meals, providing daily assistance and much more. With our assisted living services, we balance independence and help in a caring and compassionate way, enabling our residents to achieve achievable goals.

Our modern and luxurious senior living community works with well-trained staff who take an innovative approach to assisted living services. All our wine corks are certified by the Rainforest Alliance to Forest Stewardship Council standards, which is a sustainable practice.

For more information, visit our award-winning Salem Convention Center in Salem, Oregon, which has over 100,000 square feet of retail, restaurant and entertainment space. For more information about Salem's fantastic hotels and restaurants, visit page 16 for Salem Events.

The function room, which can accommodate groups of up to 80 people, features an outdoor barbecue and a fully equipped indoor kitchen, and includes outdoor seating, picnic tables, picnic table and picnic chairs. Blankets or camping chairs are not allowed, but it can be fun to wade in the mud or climb the tyre tower. The start line is allowed and all participants are registered, so please respect the privacy of the princesses and expect at least 10 minutes for the start and 10 - 15 minutes for the finish. We are partially covered and may use a maximum of 10,000 square metres of outdoor space per participant, including a total area of 1,500 square metres of interior space.

If you visit during the season, you can nibble on seven different varieties of blueberries planted on grapevines. Winemaker Dave Specter pours wine from Subterra in Newberg on the first Friday and has it served. Learn how grapes become great wine, see exactly what goes into the harvest and see where the stuff stays after the course.

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More About Sherwood