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We take our iPhones and computers for granted, even when they do what we are supposed to do, and the moment they stop working means that our day has suddenly become a nightmare.

With Ubunakifix Sherwood we understand how important it is to repair your device so that you can get back to your friends, work on a project or finish a game you almost know. With the skills and work that u breakifix's professionals have put into their work, you won't have a problem finding a way to pass the time. Our technicians are here to repair your electronics quickly and correctly and take care of the device as if it were your own. They love you and you will get away with a device that not only works like new, but feels brand new.

Our cost estimate gives you a precise idea of the price and as soon as you give us the green light, we will get down to work. We provide a 90-day warranty on our repairs to give you extra security and our 90-day warranty on all repairs will give you a good amount of time and a lot of money back.

There is no better shop in Sherwood to turn to at any time of need and most jobs take less than two hours. As a certified partner of Samsung and Google, we train our tech experts in working with top tech brands and are certified partners of Samsung. We see that highly qualified technology is the best in the business and therefore we offer a 5-day warranty on all our repairs (exceed this 5%). We are convinced that you have a high level of customer service and quality service at your disposal and that there are no more expensive options than our local shop.

Kristina answers questions with great honesty and does not urge you to buy anything outside your budget, and she does not urge you to buy.

We found the right mattress by doing our homework on time and had it delivered the same day. We even arranged for the mattress to be delivered to the Eugene store as it was closest to our cabin. They were so helpful and had such a thorough process in which we could find just the right mattress for us. As the bed was not on the floor, we were given a simple frame to lay it on and we had to behave So they could do their homework and track her down.

The person who helped me seemed to know the different beds and the process went smoothly. One sad customer rated 1 out of 5 for disappointment, but it was smoother than that for me.

I told the saleswoman what I was looking for and she was able to show me a few options and parameters before trying to sell me to the more expensive options. When it was time to decide, I felt comfortable when I made a decision by allowing myself to decide. She knew the product, gave me different options and was willing to take the time to help me figure it out. It was a much better experience than I actually needed and much more efficient than the other options I had been given.

Kristina listened well to my needs and budget and went back and forth with me to see how I could get the best mattress for my limited budget. Two wonderful people delivered my bed that day (Saturday, December 5) and I couldn't have been happier with the process. However, the sealed plastic of the bed had two large cracks in the bottom of the mattress. The plastic has cracks because the sealed bed did not see the damage and ignored it, so I ended up with a brand new mattress with two bigger cracks on it.

My second disappointment was that they couldn't promise me a new bed for the next day to deliver a second bed. I haven't figured out how to get from Eugene to the cabin, but I'm sure that's going to happen. Once I have found out what the problem is, I will do a completely free diagnostic examination with Kristina to find out what exactly I am going to do to fix it.

When it's time for me to upgrade my son's bed, I'll return to Sherwood with a device I've just brought with me. The team starts to work its magic as soon as I walk in the door and pick up the device.

With the beautiful Oregon landscape surrounding the area, environmentally conscious customers appreciate our service, and Wal-Mart, anchored in the Parkway Village Center, makes it easy to find us. We help our customers extend the life of electronic devices without throwing them away, and help to prevent e-waste from going to landfill, while saving consumers money. The 99W uBreakiFix Oregon is located in Sherwood, Oregon, just blocks from the Oregon State Fairgrounds. It is the first of its kind in the state and is located on the west side of the Parkweg near the Walmart parking lot.

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More About Sherwood