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Willamette Valley is a breathtaking wine country, and there is no better way to enjoy it than taking a wine tour in the fall. In addition to the numerous wineries, adult beverage connoisseurs can also plan an entertaining day trip to pamper themselves at the many local breweries in the region. There are so many beautiful spots to see along the Oregon Coast, and autumn is the ideal time to explore them.

If you're looking for a non-Fruit Loop subway farm, check out Bells Orchard in Beaverton. If you want to do some birding in the fall, Sherwood has many places with great birdwatching trails and bird watching spots, as well as a variety of bird feeders. To whet your appetite for spring even without a farm, try Al's Garden Center, a nice drive from the old town and cultivated by the same people who are responsible for practically everything the farm sells. And if you're in town on a Saturday from May to September, try the Sherwoods Farmers Market, where local vendors and farmers perform and offer live music from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

There are also several fun places for children, such as the Sherwood Children's Museum and the Children's Park. With the diversity of wildlife and the changing landscape from season to season, there is plenty of fun Sherwoods are to be enjoyed at all times of the year. It's easy to stop by for a few hours in a row and enjoy a fun day - a day of hiking, biking, bird watching or just a stroll through the city.

Celebrations include a beer, wine and cider garden with a selection of local wineries and breweries. Don't miss the annual fall festival at Sherwood Community Center on October 31 and November 1. If you have other popular fall activities in the Portland area, please let us know in the comments section below.

Plan your visit and take a trip to the Oregon Museum of Natural History in Sherwood on October 31 and November 1. The museum houses some of Oregon's finest art, as well as a collection of rare and rare artifacts.

Another local gem is the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge, located on Highway 99 and sought by local residents with petitions. It is home to nearly 200 bird species, including herons and bald eagles. The park currently has over 2,000 hectares of wildflowers and more than 1,500 hectares for wildlife. There are ways that go all through And you can see all kinds of wildlife, including the gnawing ends of trees used to build the dam.

The location also makes it easy for professionals to commute to work in Portland and return to the quiet Sherwood community. There are also many berries to pick, which makes it a great place to pick berries for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as a snack.

Ask the park ranger to describe what amazes you about the things he can do and see every day. How could you design, paint, write or write a note thanking the ranger for keeping it beautiful?

If you want to see the autumn leaves but don't want to get them while hiking, there are many places to see them. Cathedral Park is one of the most breathtaking stops in the city, and if you feel like tapping into your list of new places, try Interstate 5 from Portland South to the Nyberg Road exit southbound. Head south along Oregon Street and you will reach downtown Sherwood.

Along the way you will also see some interesting things, including a steam engine rededicated from the USA from S. Oregon.

Don't miss Bandon Dunes (No 1) and Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club, where a young Tiger Woods won the Woods. Enjoy scenic views of Mount Hood and Chehalem Mountain, where you drive through the trees on a winding road. Walk through an ancient forest full of vines, maples and firs and enjoy the view from the top of Mount Rainier. Visit the historic town of Champoeg and discover the pioneering life in and around Champoeg with a visit to the old town hall and a guided tour of a pioneer's cabin.

If you plan to visit in autumn, you can also see deer and squirrels preparing for the impending cold. Find the nearest Domino's Pizza restaurant in Sherwood to enjoy the views from the top of Mount Rainier, the highest point on Mount Hood and Chehalem Mountain. The calendar changes seasonally, so stay tuned - and plan your next trip to Sherwoods, Oregon.

The farm's website says: "This is a family-run business located between Tualatin and Sherwood. Visitors will find a variety of breweries, from local breweries to craft beer breweries and even breweries. Find a brand you love and try one of Oregon's stores that make Oregon's unique products and gifts. Try some of their products or find brands you loved from Oregon, such as Oregon Craft Beer, Oregon Brewing Co. and more.

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